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Bigger is always not better, less is more, sometimes: the concept of data minimization in the context of Big Data

Legal Area - Data Protection Law 26/04/2021
Over 4.1 billion internet users of the universe generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day; and a digital universe of 44 zettabytes will hit 2021. As the data landscape expands every second every day, the data value also increases by ..

Notes on the EDPB-EDPS joint opinion on the Digital Green Certificate proposed by EU Commission

Legal Area - Privacy in Health 21/04/2021
In order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, EU Member States have adopted various measures, some of which impact on Union citizens’ right to move freely within their territory, such as restrictions on entry or requirements for ..

The topic of video surveillance and its countless repercussions

Legal Area - Data Protection Law 12/04/2021
This focus is based to the analysis of the difficult issue concerning the video surveillance of workers and the necessary compliance with privacy legislation in this area. In particular, first of all, the reference legislation, the interested parties, ..

Il contratto di lavoro sportivo tra straordinarietà ed imprevedibilità

Legal Area - Data Protection Law 27/01/2021
Emergenze e sport: viaggio esplorativo alla ricerca di vecchi e nuovi modelli utili a proteggere il mondo dello sport, in tutte le sue sfaccettature, dagli effetti di straordinarie situazioni emergenziali. Nella complessità di questo tempo sospeso, ..

Energy and sustainability between ecology of law, green law and nature rights

Legal Area 12/01/2021
The Planet is facing an unprecedented ecological crisis. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are key ingredients to face the challenge of reducing CO2 production, which is considered a fundamental action to tackle climate disruption. Establishing ..

Online market, Big Data and Privacy protection

Legal Area - Data Protection Law 12/01/2021
The digital market and the protection of privacy could not fail to be affected by the effects produced by the indiscriminate use of social networks. The objective value of modern communication tools should not be overstated, the impact should rather be ..

Child protection on social networks in the era of Covid-19 confinement

Legal Area - Privacy in Minors 12/01/2021
While it is true that in the digital age minors have considerable tools to express their personality and exercise the rights recognised by international conventions (also through the use of technologies that allow new models of relationships), the ..

Healthcare ioT takes us into the future of eHealth and digital therapeutics, but its cybersecurity must be reset by design

Legal Area - Privacy in Health 12/01/2021
Telemedicine will expand considerably: the volume of remote consultations has been significantly increasing and the trend will continue, especially for routine appointments, while one billion of virtual health visits were carried out in 2020. E-Health and ..

Tra public health, regulatory affairs e comunicazione, le novità sui vaccini Covid-19 sottolineano il ruolo cruciale delle Autorità di controllo anche nell’evoluzione in termini di clinical development.

Legal Area - Privacy in Health 23/11/2020
I processi per lo sviluppo clinico sono consolidati ma la pandemia ha massicciamente interrotto le interazioni faccia a faccia con i pazienti, fondamentali per il modo in cui gli sperimentatori tradizionalmente testano nuovi farmaci e dispositivi. ..

Major security breach in Finnish psychotherapy center: legal issues in liability and personal ID factors

Legal Area 09/11/2020

Relevant remarks in the President of the Italian DPA’s statement on the operational continuity of the ‘COVID-19 alert system’ in the extension of the epidemiological state of emergency

Legal Area 28/10/2020


Legal Area - Privacy in Health 14/10/2020
  L’adozione di Immuni da parte del Governo italiano, quale strumento attivo di lotta contro la diffusione del Covid - 19, ha suscitato e suscita diverse perplessità, in primis per quanto attiene alla tutela della privacy ..

Un Framework per il Contact Tracing in Italia tra esigenze scientifiche, possibilità tecnologiche e rispetto di Diritti e Liberta’ Individuali in termini di Data Protection

Legal Area - Data Protection Law 16/09/2020
Abstract: On March 11 the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Among  quarantines and disruptions to public events, this also kick-started the expedited development of therapeutics and vaccines, but in the short time contact tracing, followed by ..

The Italian Antitrust Authority started investigations against Google, Apple and Dropbox for cloud computing services

Legal Area 09/09/2020

Right to be forgotten and the sanctioning measure of an Italian local authority for not having removed the personal data of an employee from the online praetorian register within 15 days of publication

Legal Area 07/09/2020

Ransomware attacks are data breaches and finally started to be reported properly by major companies

Legal Area 26/08/2020

The seller's liability for damage caused by the products sold.

Legal Area 25/08/2020


Legal Area - Data Protection Law 25/07/2020
For long time, the need to fully recognize the right to be forgotten as a fundamental right of the person has been felt, both at national and European level. However, in many cases, it’s necessary to make a balance between the over-mentioned right ..

The Italian Data Protection Authority presented its 2019 Activity Report: main findings

Legal Area 06/07/2020

After announcing a massive data breach of customers’ personal information, easy Jet is going to face hefty civil liability claims and a probable GDPR fine

Legal Area 08/06/2020

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