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Legal Area

The Italian Data Protection Authority presented its 2019 Activity Report: main findings

Legal Area 06/07/2020

After announcing a massive data breach of customers’ personal information, easy Jet is going to face hefty civil liability claims and a probable GDPR fine

Legal Area 08/06/2020

The scientific innovations of fetal surgery and artificial womb could innovate also the concept of legal personhood

Legal Area - Privacy in Minors 04/05/2020
Abstract: English law is clear that legal personality is afforded to all persons born alive. This rule may need to be revised, as technological advances in fetal surgery and artificial womb technology do not appear to be compatible with traditional ..

EDPB keeps position on the processing of personal data in the context of the COVID-19 emergence

Legal Area 19/03/2020

Coronavirus: employers must refrain from collecting workers' health data

Legal Area 18/03/2020

New challenges in the European Commission’s “Report on the safety and liability implications of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and robotics”

Legal Area 24/02/2020

TIM has been fined more than 27 million euros by the Italian DPA for the unlawful data processing regarding marketing activities

Legal Area 02/02/2020

Does TikTok put children's privacy at risk? The Italian DPA calls for the set up of a EU taskforce

Legal Area 31/01/2020

The EDPS publishes the new Guidelines on assessing the proportionality of measures that limit the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data

Legal Area - Data Protection Law 15/01/2020

Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Product issuer reports approval of its base prospectus by a supervisory authority for the first time within EU

Legal Area 18/12/2019

EU Antitrust Regulators launched preliminary investigations to verify how Google and Facebook process, use and monetize data for advertising purposes

Legal Area 03/12/2019

The Legal Design & Visual Law demonstration laboratory.  Let's draw the future’s privacy

Legal Area 14/11/2019

The European Court of Justice has ruled that US search giant Google does not have to apply 'right to be forgotten' privacy rule outside of EU borders.

Legal Area 27/09/2019
Sergio Guida

Live Facial Recognition Technology is a potential threat to privacy: the King’s Cross Station case

Legal Area 30/08/2019
Emiliano Troisi

America’s most powerful CEOs “Corporations are responsible to all their stakeholders”. But not anyone believes them

Legal Area 28/08/2019
Mario Triggiani

Capital One Financial Corporation’s Data Breach: data breach of over 100 million customers

Legal Area 06/08/2019
Sergio Guida

Il pulsante “mi piace” di Facebook rende il gestore del sito Internet (cor)responsabile della raccolta e trasmissione dei dati dei visitatori

Legal Area 03/08/2019
Mario Triggiani

Personal data in exchange for digital content and digital services: Directive 2019/770/EU

Legal Area 31/07/2019
Simona Latte

British Airways will face record-breaking GDPR fine for suffering financial data theft of hundreds of thousands of customers

Legal Area 15/07/2019
Sergio Guida

The Italian DPA fined Facebook 1 million Euro over ‘Cambridge Analytica’ legal case

Legal Area 05/07/2019
Maria Cristina Gaeta

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